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To analyse the impact of accounting standards on sales performance of retail organisations
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Accounting standards serve as the foundation upon which financial statements should be constructed so that economic decisions of companies are optimised. The negation of this basis can disrupt the entire financial system of a corporate firm and also impacts the stakeholder demands and thereby, influence sales performance
A critical analysis on the impact of brand identity on customer loyalty
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In addition to the quality of the product of service, the brand identity has significant bearing on a customer’s opinion of a brand. The expression of a brand through visual presentation, personality and values has the ability to influence the perceived quality, trustworthiness and satisfaction experienced by customers
Critical analysis on the impact of corporate social responsibility performance on reputational risk in energy company
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For achieving sustainable competitive status almost all the companies give more importance to CSR (Corporate social responsibility) practices and it has been found that the high awareness regarding the negative impacts created by greenhouse gas emissions has forced the companies to adhere with CSR principles. Thus in this context the researcher intends to critically analyze the impact of corporate social responsibility performance on reputational risk in energy company and for carrying out the study in an effective manner the case study of ExxonMobil is considered
A study on the impact of branding on the buying behaviour of customers in uk
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Branding in a nut shell involves every aspect that enables customers to easily recognize particular product or services from the market and this may be logo or image of the firm. As the level of competition has increased in almost all industries, branding has become major strategy to attract more number of customers, build loyalty, improve customer recognition and recall etc
Environmental perfomance
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Corporate environmental performance is an important measure of corporate performance in current era due to the increasing threat posed by global warming and climate change. Similarly, corporate reputation has also gained immense importance in modern era due to the emergence of CSR and ethical consumerism
A case study of google
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In the current competitive world, potentially competent employees have an imperative role in improving the company productivity and fame. Hence implementing effective recruitment strategies to recognize the potentially capable candidates must be prerequisite for firms for successfully satisfying its human resource needs
A critical analysis on the impact of brand extension strategy on brand equity
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Brand embodies the perception of customer with regard to an organization and hence different strategies are adopted to strengthen its components. Evidence-based studies have revealed that organizations that fail to comprehend this fact are at stake due to the intense competition in the marketing world
To critically analyse the safety effect of oil transportation.
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Oil serves as basic fuel for global transportation including military ships, vehicles etc. Over recent years, use of water and land channels as shipment channels for oil has grown-up exponentially
Accounting for managers
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Whitbread Group Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 ROCE 10.95% 12
Accounting and finance for managers
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QUESTION 1 a.)    Ratio Analysis FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE v  Gross Margin (Percentage) Gross profit margin (GPM) is the ratio that analyses about how much a business is able to save its revenue from sales as gross profit (Bamber and Parry, 2014)