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A case study of google
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In the current competitive world, potentially competent employees have an imperative role in improving the company productivity and fame. Hence implementing effective recruitment strategies to recognize the potentially capable candidates must be prerequisite for firms for successfully satisfying its human resource needs
Wireless communications and technologies
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Handheld wireless radios such as this Maritime VHF radio transceiver use electromagnetic waves to implement a form of wireless communications technology. Wireless operations permits services, such as long range communications, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires
Time magazine & para-social interaction
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The aim of my dissertation is to apply the theories of para-social interaction and celebrity and race, to four issues of Time magazine featuring Barack Obama, whilst analysing how the representation of Obama develops and changes over time. I have chosen Time magazine as the basis of my study as it is so widely read and respected in America and is regarded as politically neutral
Snmp or simple network management protocol (snmp)
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SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application layer protocol that provides the exchange of management information between network devices. SNMP is a part of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol suite
Security and reliability of wireless communications
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This report specifies the wireless secured communication in an enterprise when there is increasing demand of ubiquitous multimedia data services, future wireless networks are expected to provide services with wider coverage area, reliable and higher data throughput with security. To acheive these goals, wider bandwith at higher carrier frequency above 2GHz is forseen to be needed
Wireless sensor networks | wsn security
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Research is defined as search for new knowledge or an art of scientific and careful investigation of new facts. Research method is referred as a systematic methodology of defining and re-defining the problems, suggest solutions, formulate hypothesis, evaluate the data, make deductions and then reach conclusions
Are non-profit organisations becoming commercial?
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For-profit organisations are meant for maximisation of profit - as it suggests when we say 'for-profit' - which goes back to the owner where as non-profit organisations (NPOs) are quite different - they are not, primarily, for profit. It suggests that there should be a basic difference which makes them stand apart
Mobile phone technology
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The potentials of mobile phone technology are huge and it has opened possibilities and avenues for enhancing knowledge sharing activities among academics in Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs). However, it was found that there was lack of academic research on the use of mobile phone technologies for knowledge sharing purposes in IHLs
Image based steganographyusing lsb insertion technique
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Steganography is a technique used to hide the message in vessel data by embedding it. The Vessel Data which is visible is known as external information and the data which is embedded is called as internal information
Communication meaning and definitions
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  Communication is the nervous system of an organisation. It keeps the members of the organisation informed about the internal and external happenings relevant to a task and of interest to the organisation