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A critical analysis on the impact of brand identity on customer loyalty
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In addition to the quality of the product of service, the brand identity has significant bearing on a customer’s opinion of a brand. The expression of a brand through visual presentation, personality and values has the ability to influence the perceived quality, trustworthiness and satisfaction experienced by customers
A study on the impact of branding on the buying behaviour of customers in uk
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Branding in a nut shell involves every aspect that enables customers to easily recognize particular product or services from the market and this may be logo or image of the firm. As the level of competition has increased in almost all industries, branding has become major strategy to attract more number of customers, build loyalty, improve customer recognition and recall etc
A critical analysis on the impact of brand extension strategy on brand equity
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Brand embodies the perception of customer with regard to an organization and hence different strategies are adopted to strengthen its components. Evidence-based studies have revealed that organizations that fail to comprehend this fact are at stake due to the intense competition in the marketing world
To critically analyse the safety effect of oil transportation.
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Oil serves as basic fuel for global transportation including military ships, vehicles etc. Over recent years, use of water and land channels as shipment channels for oil has grown-up exponentially
A critical analysis on the role of green marketing in building brand reputation
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In this current world, sustainability has become a major concern and the concern of stakeholders to safeguard and preserve resources has increased which necessitated companies operating in oil and gas industry to adopt a new stream of marketing called ‘Green Marketing’. However, implementing ineffective and unethical green marketing techniques found to adversely impact the brand image and reputation of organizations
Strategy of canadian automobile companies (toyota, general motors and volkswagen) for moving their production to mexico
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An increasing trend of business shift is clearly visible and most common in the current era particularly due to increased production cost and labour charges. In the current study, the researcher aims to assess the repositioning of automobiles from Canada to Mexico by considering the cases of Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen
Tablet industry analysis research
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OVERVIEW The globally competitive nature of the modern business environment makes it very relevant for companies to put in a lot of efforts into their marketing. This is because through marketing, they are presented with opportunities that make it possible for them to identify the right people within the competitive market who can be strategically presented with what the company has (Kotler and Keller, 2009)
Non-profit agency world vision
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This paper focuses on World Vision a non-profit organization, founded in the United States. The paper highlights the history behind its establishment and the major goals of the organization
An idea for a novel functional food product
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The ginseng ice cream store is going to really target two main demographics:  busy mothers and students.  In terms of busy mothers, this target market may want different things from the product than students for any number of reasons
Describe the features of the american hrm system. in what important ways does it differ from the japanese hrm system?
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1. Introduction The evaluation of management techniques used worldwide is not an easy task, especially if taking into consideration the different cultural and social characteristics of societies globally