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The impact of internet on uk travel agents
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Internet is one of the most revolutionary tools that provides instant connectivity and also enables manipulation and exchange of information in numerous ways such as graphics, sound and text. This highly sophisticated network of computers by integrating data transfer and communication innovations have shrunken the world in to a single platform
Exploring the motivation for inbound and outbound medical tourism in the uk
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Medical tourism has witnessed considerable growth over the past years with respect to the leading advancement in medical attributes of the country.   Both inbound and outbound medical tourism has been increased with respect to higher concern of patients to access health care information
Exploring employee relationship management in travel and tourism
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Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries which require higher employee engagement to deliver best leisure experience to customers. The current study aims to assess the impacts of Employee Relationship Management (ERM) in Travel and Tourism by considering the leading firms Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook as case study
Sustainable development of tourism snowdonia park
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  “Tourism is the study of man away from his usual habitat, of the industry which responds to his needs and the impacts that both he and the industry have for the host socio-cultural, economic and physical environments”  (Jafari, 1981 quoted in Mason, 2003) At the heart of all definitions of tourism is the concept of enjoyment. To this are added sustainability and environmental protection
The development of travel and tourism industry
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Travel & Tourism is the world’s biggest industry, accounting for nearly 200 million jobs, and over 10 per cent of world GDP. Man has always travelled from bygone days and his curiosity of the unknown was the basis of the enormous travel industry today
Affect of global recession on hospitality and quality management
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The aim of this dissertation is; ‘’to explore how 4 star hotels in Eastbourne have strategically responded to the global financial downturn". The global recession which took its toll on various sectors of the economy maximally in 2008 affected the hotel industry in London
A study of the factors influencing customer satisfaction: a case study of ee limited
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A study of the factors influencing customer satisfaction: A case study of EE Limited ABSTRACT Customer satisfaction has been considered as pivotal in today’s competitive UK telecom industry. Hence the study has tried to explore differential factors that can lead to higher levels of this measure
Importance of travel agencies role in students tourism market
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IMPORTANCE OF TRAVEL AGENCIES ROLE IN STUDENTS TOURISM MARKET INTRODUCTION Dissertation topic is to discuss the importance of Travel Agencies role in student’s tourism market, and how to attract them to use their services. As in UK students are in such a big quantity, and they can be a very big market for the tourism industry
An evaluative study into the role of effectual oral communication in satisfying customers of hotel receptions at holiday inn pattaya, thailand.
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An evaluative study into the role of effectual oral communication in satisfying customers of hotel receptions at Holiday Inn Pattaya, Thailand. ABSTRACT This research critically evaluate the oral communication speaking and listening, which is lead to satisfying customers of hotel receptions Holiday Inn Pattaya, Chonbury Province Thailand
Impact of corporate sustainability activities on customer loyalty in the uk retail industry: case of whsmith plc, uk
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Impact of corporate sustainability activities on customer loyalty in the UK retail industry: case of WHSmith PLC, UK  ABSTRACT In the present profit maximization world, corporate sustainability activities defines the practices such as stakeholder engagements, implementing innovations, etc adopted by any business venture to achieve its long-term aims so that, organization escalates in its economic, social and environmental performances. These actions causes to reduce expenses attract and retain talented personnel’s and customers, increase productivity and hence, is a primary factor influencing customer loyalty