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A critical analysis on the impact of non-monetary factors on employee retention in the fast food sector: a case study of mc donald’s, uk
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The current competitive nature of business demands that organisations should emphasise the effectiveness of their employees. Motivation has been utilising as a central tool to achieve this purpose
The impact of flexible working arrangements on employee motivation in uk service industry
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Flexible working arrangements can be regarded as the resultant of technological advancements and changes in the social and cultural aspects. As it sets provisions for balancing work life, it has become the focal point of UK marketing world
In today’s uk market how does attitude of customers influence sales of electric cars? a case study of nissan leaf
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In the current competitive business world, environmental sustainability is essential for the organizations to positively influence customer attitude and thereby sales performance. The introduction of electronic cars by automobile companies assists them to influence the attitude of customers
A critical analysis of the impact of employee empowerment on employees' customer oriented behavior. a case study of amazon, uk
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The significance of the term customer-orientation in business stems from its impact on an organization’s competitive advantage, brand image and bottom-line. Compared to other industries, the service sector has a higher direct interaction with customers, and hence customer-orientation is more important to service organizations
An evaluation of the impact of performance management on organizational profitability
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Amidst intensifying competition and varying customer demand patterns of the UK fast food industry, performance management has gained crucial relevance. In increasing performance level of workforce, major fast food brands firms are emphasizing on this system
Corporate governance - royal bank of scotland (rbs)
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Banking institutions hold significant importance in shaping the economic progression of a nation. Currently, the banking institutions work in a globalized circle and thus these entities are universally controlled
The impact of brexit on foreign direct investments
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In the present competitive world, the economic conditions of a nation has a significant influence in determining its market progress and globalizations. However evaluating the scenario of Britain it is observed that Brexit has imposed several adverse impacts on the economic condition of this country
A study on the influence of organizational culture on innovation management
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Organisational culture comprise of values, believes and myths are circulate the working environment of an organisation facilitating efficient organisation performance. It is also defined as a set of conventions processed and followed by members of the organisation
Impact of training and development programme on staff performance in the uk fashion retail industry
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In the current industrial scenario of increasing competitions, competent and adept employees are assets for an organization. Hence implementing highly proficient and productive training programs has become a prerequisite for firms
An analysis of the effectiveness of the brand extensions to increase brand image
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The competitive business forces have required marketers to distinguish themselves from competitors and make use of growing global opportunities. Among the important techniques to distinguish organisations from their competitors, brand extensions have gained much significance