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A critical analysis on the impact of employee engagement on organizational profitability
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Employee have prominent role in influencing the productivity and profitability of the organization. Effective employee engagement improves organizational profitability whereas disloyality of employees adversely affected organizational performance
Investigate the operations of the current chemist management system and identify possible improvement points, shortcomings, and challenges.
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Investigate the operations of the current Chemist Management System and identify possible improvement points, shortcomings, and challenges. Chapter One INTRODUCTION Most studies have tried to explain the relationships between firm performance, competitive advantage and investments made in information systems
Using popular culture in the classroom
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Using popular culture in the classroom ABSTRACT The study predicts the effects of the use of elements of popular culture adapted for the motivation of children in Key stage I. The research of this Paper relates the case studies in which the use of a reward system which offered the earning of ‘stickers’ of children’s favorite characters, The aim was to induce a strong and keen interest in performing the tasks which had been allocated to the children
The balanced scorecard
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THE BALANCED SCORECARD Introduction Emerged as the most commonly used strategic performance management tool supported by proven automation tools and design methods, the balanced scorecard is extensively used by managers in organizations today for keeping track of activities undertaken by staffs and monitor and control the consequences resulting from these activities. Today’s organizations are amidst a revolutionary transformation in the business environment which is gradually transforming itself from industrially competitive structure into an information competitive one
Importance of leadership
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IMPORTANCE OF LEADERSHIP Chapter 1: Introduction Background of the Study             Various researches have already pointed out the importance of leadership. Leadership has been considered important in view of its influence on the success or failure of organisations
Identifying success factors of implementing erp in small organisations
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Identifying Success Factors of Implementing ERP in Small Organisations  Abstract The overall purpose of this study was to determine the factors that influence the success of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation project at small organisations. The findings of this study identified the success factors, grouping them into three chronological categories; project foundation, project team, and project implementation
Employee motivation is critical to the success of an organization
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Employee Motivation is critical to the success of an organization Abstract This research examined the impact of employee motivation on organisational performance by assessing employee motivation in an organisation in the United Kingdom. Employee motivation was assessed by conducting qualitative and quantitative researches through semi-structured interviews and survey questionnaires, respectively
Contemporary study of the impact of standardization and harmonization of accounting
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Contemporary Study of the Impact of Standardization and Harmonization of Accounting  Abstract The significant aspect of harmonisation and standardisation of different accounting standards impose considerable impact upon several business companies. Most of the officials of the companies that follow various accounting standards embrace the aforementioned procedure with the anticipation that their financial statements can be recorded or measured in an efficient manner
Super synchronous tracking device
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Super synchronous tracking device Introduction Since 1963 and the launch of Syncom II, the first geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) telecommunications satellite, the GEO orbit has become significantly more crowded ("Harold Rosen," 2000). With over hundreds of satellites now crowding the orbit, multi-national satellite operations agencies are researching new methods of tracking GEO satellites and debris ("Traffic management in," 2008)
To examine the value relevance of the ifrs/ias 40 fair value regulations of a firm's reporting standards in the real estate market
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To examine the value relevance of the IFRS/IAS 40 Fair Value regulations of a firm's reporting standards in the real estate market CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter would present a brief overview of the International Accounting Standard, as well as discuss the standard that the researcher chose, which IAS 40 – Investment Property is. The researcher would also expound on the concept of Fair Value Accounting and the aspect of decision usefulness, as well as present the objectives that would guide the completion of this research