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A study on the impact of corporate environmental performance on corporate reputation in energy industry
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Corporate environmental performance is an important measure of corporate performance in current era due to the increasing threat posed by global warming and climate change. Similarly, corporate reputation has also gained immense importance in modern era due to the emergence of CSR and ethical consumerism
Renewable energy resources
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Introduction:  Biomass  is  a  collective  name  for  fuels  with  organic  sources.    Renewable  biomass fuels  include  wood  and  bark  of  trees,  which  is  the  most    common  source,  wood  chips,  crops,  grasses,  plant  waste  material,  animal  waste    material  such  as  cow  dung,  and  the  by-products  and  refined  products  from    biomass  treatment  and  utilisation
Nuclear plants and seafood safety
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Nuclear energy, lauded as a clean, safe and cost-effective energy source, has its own environmental impacts which have not been properly defined or quantified, owing to problems of measurement and identification. But the impact of nuclear plants on seafood safety has of late become a matter of grave concern, especially in the aftermath of Japanese Tsunami disaster and its fall out on the nuclear plants of Japan