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Sustainable development of tourism snowdonia park
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  “Tourism is the study of man away from his usual habitat, of the industry which responds to his needs and the impacts that both he and the industry have for the host socio-cultural, economic and physical environments”  (Jafari, 1981 quoted in Mason, 2003) At the heart of all definitions of tourism is the concept of enjoyment. To this are added sustainability and environmental protection
The development of travel and tourism industry
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Travel & Tourism is the world’s biggest industry, accounting for nearly 200 million jobs, and over 10 per cent of world GDP. Man has always travelled from bygone days and his curiosity of the unknown was the basis of the enormous travel industry today
Affect of global recession on hospitality and quality management
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The aim of this dissertation is; ‘’to explore how 4 star hotels in Eastbourne have strategically responded to the global financial downturn". The global recession which took its toll on various sectors of the economy maximally in 2008 affected the hotel industry in London
The value of leadership in the contemporary healthcare organisations
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The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is faced daily with issues that make service delivery more and more challenging. These problems bare a direct effect on the health of every individual, because if the Healthcare organs function in a strain it would transcend into less quality services provided
Consumers perceptions of global and local brands
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Today brand image has become more and more crucial in the success of the product. Companies are finding different techniques and strategies to develop a strong brand image in the market which determines the overall acceptance of the product
The role of csr in an organization’s performance
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The Role of CSR in an Organization’s Performance Abstract Organizations are created for leveraging resources pursuant to specific goals.  In doing so, organizations come into contact with and interact with society (Werther and Chandler 2011, p
The extent of gender fatigue transpiring within the workplace, and the ways it can be overcome
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The Extent of Gender Fatigue transpiring Within the Workplace, and the Ways it can be overcome Abstract This research study investigates the role that gender fatigue plays on gender inequality in the workplace.  A review of literature reveals that complacency, stagnation and backlash which are all key factors in gender fatigue have given way to organizational culture in which gender equality has not been fully accomplished
Organised crime in uk
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Organised crime in UK Abstract Organised crime in UK is a multi-billion pound thriving business enterprise that alone costs around £20 billion annually for the UK economy. The scope of the illegal activities perpetuated by the criminals of the syndicate of organised crime in UK is broad and it includes trafficking in human beings especially women and children for sexual exploitation, illicit drugs, illegal immigration as bonded labour, and trading in prohibited items  like tobacco or alcohol
Investigate the operations of the current chemist management system and identify possible improvement points, shortcomings, and challenges.
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Investigate the operations of the current Chemist Management System and identify possible improvement points, shortcomings, and challenges. Chapter One INTRODUCTION Most studies have tried to explain the relationships between firm performance, competitive advantage and investments made in information systems
Globalization of wal-mart – market entry strategy in china
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Globalization of Wal-Mart – Market Entry Strategy in China ABSTRACT Globalization of the economy facilitated business across borders and retailers tried to take early mover advantages. Retailers started focusing on the emerging economies because growth in the sector has come from these economies