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Continuing professional development
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The following dissertation focuses on a personal development technique called Continuing Professional Development(CPD). With the world of construction constantly changing, professionals in the industry need to keep up to speed with the changing elements of the industry nationally and internationally
Credit facilities for smes in sierra leone
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Sierra Leone is a relatively small country, on the West Coast of Africa with an area of approximately 28,000square miles. The estimated population is 5
Overview of construction planning
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Project Management can be seen as the application of tools and techniques utilised to guide the use of resources towards achieving a n intricate task within the const raint s of time, cost and quality. From conception to completion, a mixture of these tools & techniques is necessary to fit the task environment and project life cycle
Sustainable water management system
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A regeneration project close to Bedford will see the construction of a hotel and a school, with both intended to be sustainable. Hunt et al
Analysis of uk cdm regulations
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Construction industry is regarded as one of the most hazardous industries in UK and world wide. People attached with this industry do get injured or they may die
Construction equipment industry in india
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This research was an attempt to assess the current status of Indian construction equipment industry and the underlying opportunities and challenges. However, the aspects and objectives that were dealt in the research are; the current structure, status, competition, financing opportunities and challenges of Indian construction equipment industry
Concept of risk in construction industry
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The meaning of risk changes when time goes on and the meanings differ when they are at the specific socio-cultural and historical contexts which we are located in. (Deborah Lupton, 1999) Risk is exposure to the possibility of economic or financial loss or gain, physical damage or injury, or delay, as a consequence of the uncertainty associated with pursuing a particular course of action (Cooper, Chapman, 1987)
Bus transport project in malaysia
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Transportation is a system that considers the complex relationships between networks, the demand and space. Transit on the other hand is dominantly an urban transportation mode
Renewable energy resources
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Introduction:  Biomass  is  a  collective  name  for  fuels  with  organic  sources.    Renewable  biomass fuels  include  wood  and  bark  of  trees,  which  is  the  most    common  source,  wood  chips,  crops,  grasses,  plant  waste  material,  animal  waste    material  such  as  cow  dung,  and  the  by-products  and  refined  products  from    biomass  treatment  and  utilisation
Nuclear plants and seafood safety
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Nuclear energy, lauded as a clean, safe and cost-effective energy source, has its own environmental impacts which have not been properly defined or quantified, owing to problems of measurement and identification. But the impact of nuclear plants on seafood safety has of late become a matter of grave concern, especially in the aftermath of Japanese Tsunami disaster and its fall out on the nuclear plants of Japan