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Exploring employee relationship management in travel and tourism
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Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industries which require higher employee engagement to deliver best leisure experience to customers. The current study aims to assess the impacts of Employee Relationship Management (ERM) in Travel and Tourism by considering the leading firms Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook as case study
In-compny project
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This consultancy report examines how to promote local and a small business clinic at Leicester were the company DMU Small Business (DMU SB) Consultancy provides free advice on marketing, social media promotions and various channels of promotion according to the needs of the business and their types, which will help the business to grow and develop in the market. In order to achieve this, various framework and general strategy has been obtained like SOSTAC framework, TOWs analysis and SWOT analysis, Honeycomb framework , Competitor Profile Matrix (CPM), situational analysis, branding strategy, social media strategy will be done in order to achieve the growth of a firm
An analysis of the role of loyalty schemes in building customer loyalty in the uk hotel industry
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In order to prevent defection of customers towards new options, all kinds of industry implements loyalty schemes. In the hospitality industry, these schemes are vital as the success is determined by the effectiveness of tangible services
A critical analysis on the impact of brand extension strategy on brand equity
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Brand embodies the perception of customer with regard to an organization and hence different strategies are adopted to strengthen its components. Evidence-based studies have revealed that organizations that fail to comprehend this fact are at stake due to the intense competition in the marketing world
The safety effect of oil transportation
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Oil serves as basic fuel for global transportation including military ships, vehicles etc. Over recent years, use of water and land channels as shipment channels for oil has grown-up exponentially
A study on the impact of corporate social responsibility (csr) on sustainable development of oil and gas industry
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In this highly completive world, for achieving sustainable competitive advantage corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an inevitable precedence and almost all the organizations highly focuses in adopting CSR initiatives for attaining sustainable development. Hence, in this context the current study investigates the impact of corporate social responsibility on sustainable development of Oil and gas industry and for analyzing the research issue the case study of one of the leading international oil company BP is considered
Effect of economic slowdown on indian textile and clothing (t&c) industry
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The intensity of economic slowdown has created tough situations to firms to sustain in the competitive business landscape, particularly impacting their revenue generation capability, production, market sales, export and import demands etc. For the current study, the researcher aims to assess the effect of economic slowdown on Indian Textile and Clothing (T&C) industry by considering the case of Grasim Bhiwani Textile Limited (GBTL) in India
Female offenders
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In the last few years there has been a widespread concern for the numbers of women that are imprisoned. Between 1993 and 2003, the female population increased by almost 200%
Problems with the definition of cybercrime
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At this point of time there is no commonly agreed definition of ‘Cybercrime’. The area of Cybercrime is very broad and the technical nature of the subject has made extremely difficult for authorities to come up with a precise definition of Cybercrime
Literature review on contractual issues arising claims
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Avoiding construction claims and disputes requires understanding of the contractual terms, early no adversarial communication, and understanding of causes of claims.(Cheryl Semple, Francis T