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A study on the influence of organizational culture on innovation management
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Organisational culture comprise of values, believes and myths are circulate the working environment of an organisation facilitating efficient organisation performance. It is also defined as a set of conventions processed and followed by members of the organisation
The impact of internet on uk travel agents
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Internet is one of the most revolutionary tools that provides instant connectivity and also enables manipulation and exchange of information in numerous ways such as graphics, sound and text. This highly sophisticated network of computers by integrating data transfer and communication innovations have shrunken the world in to a single platform
Impact of training and development programme on staff performance in the uk fashion retail industry
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In the current industrial scenario of increasing competitions, competent and adept employees are assets for an organization. Hence implementing highly proficient and productive training programs has become a prerequisite for firms
An analysis of the effectiveness of the branding strategy on the customer's purchasing decision making
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Branding strategy is highly adopted by almost all business organizations for effectively communicating their names, logos, advertising, price, presentation etc to the customers. The customers identify the products or services of an organization through the branding strategy and effective branding strategy highly influences the purchasing decision of the customers
An analysis of the effectiveness of the brand extensions to increase brand image
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The competitive business forces have required marketers to distinguish themselves from competitors and make use of growing global opportunities. Among the important techniques to distinguish organisations from their competitors, brand extensions have gained much significance
What is impact of csr in uk oil and gas production
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In the highly competitive business world, CSR initiatives have key role in influencing the organizational performance efficacy and which highly influence the organizational production. Thus, this study analyse the impact of CSR on oil and gas production by taking the case of Halliburton and ExxonMobil
To investigate the impact of social media marketing on customer engagement
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Social media marketing aims to gain high attention from customers through social media sites and gives higher emphasis on healthy relationship with customers for promoting products and services. The main purpose of the current study was to assess the impact of social media marketing on customer engagement by considering Morrisons in UK as case study
A study to assess the role of e-commerce for improving customer loyalty
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The advancements in the emergence of e-commerce and the high benefits and advantages provided by it to the customers and organizations have highly enhanced its role in present competitive business world.  The time and cost saving nature of the e-commerce has helped organizations in attracting large customer base towards the online sites and in enhancing the loyalty of the customers towards the organization
A study on the impact of corporate environmental performance on corporate reputation in energy industry
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Corporate environmental performance is an important measure of corporate performance in current era due to the increasing threat posed by global warming and climate change. Similarly, corporate reputation has also gained immense importance in modern era due to the emergence of CSR and ethical consumerism
Exploring the motivation for inbound and outbound medical tourism in the uk
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Medical tourism has witnessed considerable growth over the past years with respect to the leading advancement in medical attributes of the country.   Both inbound and outbound medical tourism has been increased with respect to higher concern of patients to access health care information