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Effective learning tool for education
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The aim of this project is to implement an effective discussion tool by using six thinking hats model as the mechanism. There is a need to implement an effective learning tool for education in Hong Kong
Developing software
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The purpose of this project is to investigate different approaches to developing software for a wholesale business in the pharmaceutical sector. Apart from billing, maintenance of stock, placing orders, it also provides reports for stock, orders and sales and maintenance of customer details as well, that is retail pharmaceuticals in India, drug licenses
Described the information overload problem
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As more and more data become available through the Internet, the average user is often confronted with a situation where he is trying hard to find what he is looking for, under the pile of available and often misleading information. This phenomenon is described as the information overload problem and became the reason of development of an interesting concept of information retrieval: recommender systems
Capacities of memories and advance engineering techniques
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The improvement in capabilities of computation of processors, capacities of memories and advance engineering techniques are facilitating a new generation of low cost sensor and actuator nodes. Sensors include but not limited to seismic, radio wave frequency, temperature and humidity, electric and magnetic, infrared, and location and navigation sensors
Basic html and javascript tutorial
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HTML Basic Document <html> <head> <title>Document name goes here</title> </head> <body> Visible text goes here </body> </html> Heading Elements <h1>Largest Heading</h1> <h2> .
Objective analysis of available biometric technologies
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There have two aims of this project. Firstly is to provide an objective analysis of available biometric technologies, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to investigate a broad range of application scenario in where biometric techniques are better than traditional recognition and verification method
Aim of our project
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The ultimate aim of our project is to provide the design and development for an reliable internet service application which workable on the WAP enabled wireless handheld devices like mobile phone ,PDA(personal digital assistant) but mobile phone will focused mainly on this. To design a WAP application that will be usable by stock market user to receive and check related information like up-to-date stock value , stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading status in the service directly from their mobile devices
Marketing is the most important
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Marketing is the most important of the hub disciplines of booming management today. It impact on society daily in immense of ways - by bringing fresh products and services; serving organization by recognizing what public want and need ; serving people find products and services that meet up their needs; communicating information that makes people's lives more proficient ; creating exchanges that produce employment and assets
A requirements engineering analysis framework
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%\epigraph{This chapter describes a requirements engineering analysis framework which focuses on two aspects of requirements engineering: the product and the process. The framework provides the way to examine both aspects
Tracking developments in media industry
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These days the media business is witnessing the next structural transformation in its business model. Due to the reduction of revenues[1] from printed media and advertisements, industry giants are looking for other ways for penetrating additional revenues