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Mobile messaging system betters management, student interaction
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Everyone in this world wants to do the work at their fingertips. Mobile is best suitable solution to the problem
Mobile ad hoc networks manet
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Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a wireless network capable of autonomous operation. MANET routing has no fixed base station and hence nodes in the network are mobile and self configuring
Java language
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Initially java language is named as "Oak" in 1991, which is designed for the consumer electronic appliances. Later in 1995 the name was changed to Java
International diploma in computer studies
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This is an assignment for Networking Assignment that is an elective subject in international diploma in computer studies (IDCS). Network is very important communicate each other
Intelligent agent
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An Agent can be defined as follows: “An Agent is a software thing that knows how to do things that you could probably do yourself if you had the time” (Ted Seller of IBM Almaden Research Centre). Another definition is: “A piece of software which performs a given task using information gleaned from its environment to act in a suitable manner so as to complete the task successfully
Incident handling on cloud computing
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Cloud computing provides people the way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organizations or sites.As cloud computing allocate the divided possessions by means of the systems in the released surroundings
Human resource management system
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The main aim of is HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is automating the resume processing for organization that is applied by the candidates. With this project organization can add the resume to the database and track the resumed to various rounds and it provides reports on jobs
Evolution of wimax, internet and downlink
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For the past few years, demands for high-speed internet access and multimedia service for residential and business customers has increased greatly [1]. This has led to internet service providers looking to other ways in which to deliver their service to the consumer (last mile)
Evolution of smart homes
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Smart homes, the next gigantic leap in the field of home automation, have become an emerging research field in last few decades. Research on smart homes has been gradually moving towards application of ubiquitous computing, tackling issues on device heterogeneity and interoperability
Evolution of personal computers
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The last 20 years, the evolution of personal computers has been rapid. Respectively, the advancements in software and hardware have been huge and inevitably, the e-learning sector was influenced as well, with several tools being developed with ever growing capabilities, from plain delivering of text, to audio/photo/video management