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A critical analysis on the role of green marketing in building brand reputation
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In this current world, sustainability has become a major concern and the concern of stakeholders to safeguard and preserve resources has increased which necessitated companies operating in oil and gas industry to adopt a new stream of marketing called ‘Green Marketing’. However, implementing ineffective and unethical green marketing techniques found to adversely impact the brand image and reputation of organizations
Strategy of canadian automobile companies (toyota, general motors and volkswagen) for moving their production to mexico
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An increasing trend of business shift is clearly visible and most common in the current era particularly due to increased production cost and labour charges. In the current study, the researcher aims to assess the repositioning of automobiles from Canada to Mexico by considering the cases of Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen
Do government strategies reduce youth offending rates
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Youth is considered in the criminal justice system a young person or child age from 10-17 as stated by the Youth justice board .A child or young person who breaks the Law and is guilty is classified as a youth offender
The relationship between drugs and criminality
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In this dissertation I would like to argue that the study of crime and drug use is complex. There are a number of diverse factors that lead people to misuse drugs; these are a mixture of social, psychological and economic factors
The effect of domestic violence on children
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Domestic violence has been defined as: a continuum of behaviour ranging from verbal abuse, physical, and sexual assault, to rape and even homicide. The vast majority of such violence, and the most severe and chronic incidents, are perpetrated by men against women and their children
Institutional police racism and islamophobia
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The Home Office reports there were 50,000 racially or religiously motivated hate crimes in the UK in 2005 alone and an estimated total of 260,000 reported and unreported incidences of such hate crime. In the recent debates over the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (RRHA) 2006attention was drawn to the fact that one of the primary purposes of the legislation was varyingly described as ‘…exhorting the communities to respect each other’s different backgrounds
Management and policy of a diverse workplace
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Groups of people see the world through their own set of assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and values. Learn about their culture and how it formed them, and aim to understand how other culture work so that everyone can be an effective global manager
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Ukraine entered World War I on both of the Central Powers side (German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria) under Austria, and the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France and Russia), under Russia. There were 3
Manifestations of sexism across languages
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There is no denying that communication is one of the keys to success for individuals in a rapidly changing world. Why do mere words carry too much power? First of all, language can develop one’s consciousness from infancy
The advantages and disadvantages of an open plan office
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Offices are workspaces designed for regular use to achieve personal, group or organizational goals through the accomplishment of tasks. Sanders and McCormick, (2002) go on to state that these tasks can be grouped into cognitive, physical, social or procedural tasks