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The use of the slanted lines helps differentiate underlying form, which it represents from its phonemic realization. /tajt/ is therefore the underlying form while the phonetic representation shows the placement of stress and the movement of the tongue
Role of television in promoting children obesity
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The research paper is going to include an extremely important issue related to obesity. Television has significantly promoted the sedentary lifestyle in some children
Poor people's movements
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Poor People’s Movement by Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward is an important and controversial analysis of marginalization. It challenges our thinking on the potential within the resistance that can be formed by the oppressed in our society
Lead assignment
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The genetic differences between individuals are minimal, and many people, irrespective of their skin or hair color exhibit considerable genetic variations. Therefore, it is possible to establish that a white person shares common genetic characteristics, say with a black person, more than other whites
Inherent power of courts
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                                                Inherent Power of Courts 1.The Court in the case of Kurukshetra University v
Adversarial vs. inquisitorial court systems
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                             Adversarial vs. Inquisitorial Court Systems There are many differences as well as similarities between the adversarial and inquisitorial court systems
The dismissal of judges
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                                            The Dismissal of Judges Judges represent an important central role in adjudicating disputes in a fair, unbiased manner by applying legal rules and play a vital role in controlling the exercise of power by the state. Judges may leave their position by the termination of an appointment: Dismissal due to breaching judicial disciplines, resignation of their own choice or suggestion by the Lord Chancellor for misbehaviour, removal due to disability by permanent infirmity from performance of duties and retirement at the age of 70 under the Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993
Levels of judiciary
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                                                Levels of Judiciary The Judiciary body in India functions independently from the Executive and Legislative bodies in the country. The Judiciary plays a major role in the maintenance of law and order in India
Law in the middle ages
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                                              Law in the middle Ages Ever wonder how life in the Middle Ages was? Whether its modes of punishment, the court system, Churches, or even medieval justice that played an important role for peasants, nobles, knights, and many more of the important people of the Middle Ages? During the middle ages there were laws people lived by and if broken they would either go to court or battle to survive. There is a variety of courts for different classes and also trials
Judiciary of bangladesh
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                                               Judiciary of Bangladesh Structure of Judiciary of Bangladesh Judiciary of Bangladesh comprises the Supreme Court and Subordinate courts. Following discussion will illustrate structure of both: Supreme Court of Bangladesh: Supreme Court has two divisions: 1) Appellate division 2) High Court division