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Judge impartiality
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                                                    Judge Impartiality Introduction The American legal system is structured in such a way as to permit the individual or entity being prosecuted to receive as fair and impartial a trial as possible. Legal counsel is provided in defense of the individual being prosecuted whether he or she are able to afford it or not, courtroom rules are structured to ensure that the proceedings are fairly administered, and, ideally, an impartial judge plays the role of a wise referee who both interprets the rules and ensures that they are followed
Inherent power of courts
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                                                Inherent Power of Courts 1.The Court in the case of Kurukshetra University v
Indian judiciary system
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                                                Indian Judiciary System In a political system based on constitutional Government , the functions of rule making, rule enforcement and rule interpretation are separated into the three institutions of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. A judiciary that is independent of and acting as a check on arbitrary exercise of legislative and executive power is an essential feature of a constitutional itself means
Hamilton county judges
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                                                Hamilton County Judges This study is designed to provide the efficiency status of 38 Hamilton County Judges. The study looked at the number of cases disposed, appealed and reversed
Appointment of judges (uk)
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                                            Appointment of Judges (Uk) In the UK legal system their are two types of lawyers; solicitor and barrister,after a certain amount of years of experience if you want to you can apply to become a judge, if accepted you start from the bottom of the heirachy system and eventually as you gain more years of experience you get higher in the ranking. Keywords: UK, solicitors, barristers, judiciary, prosecutors, high court, superior and inferior judges, bar examinations
Adversarial vs. inquisitorial court systems
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                             Adversarial vs. Inquisitorial Court Systems There are many differences as well as similarities between the adversarial and inquisitorial court systems
The dismissal of judges
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                                            The Dismissal of Judges Judges represent an important central role in adjudicating disputes in a fair, unbiased manner by applying legal rules and play a vital role in controlling the exercise of power by the state. Judges may leave their position by the termination of an appointment: Dismissal due to breaching judicial disciplines, resignation of their own choice or suggestion by the Lord Chancellor for misbehaviour, removal due to disability by permanent infirmity from performance of duties and retirement at the age of 70 under the Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993
The activity of an judge court
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                                         The Activity of an Judge Court My name is Saha, Kumar Gourab, I am a student of American International university of Bangladesh-(AIUB). This is my 10th semester
Lokpal bill
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                                                       Lokpal Bill Lok Pal and Judiciary A key aspect of the current debate about Lok Pal is about whether the Judiciary should be brought under the jurisdiction of Lok Pal. This issue figured prominently even in the consensus-building effort ‘Round Table on Lok Pal’ held in New Delhi, on April 24, 2011
Levels of judiciary
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                                                Levels of Judiciary The Judiciary body in India functions independently from the Executive and Legislative bodies in the country. The Judiciary plays a major role in the maintenance of law and order in India